Work as a Hamberley nurse

Nursing at Hamberley Neurocare is different.

Joining our nursing team allows for deeper engagement and support for patients with complex care needs. Our nurses are pivotal in not only providing short-term specialist rehabilitation but also in managing complex, long-term, and end-of-life care.

You'll play a crucial role in promoting patient independence through innovative care techniques in a supportive and progressive setting.

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More time to be a better nurse

As a Hamberley Neurocare Nurse, you'll have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the care of our residents, by:

Making the most of your clinical skills

Our residents have highly varied needs, so you'll use and develop all your clinical skills. From brain and spinal injury to wound care, diabetes management, and stroke care, the work is always different, interesting and rewarding.

Being part of a supportive team

Our close-knit, multi-disciplinary team relies on each other's expertise to ensure the best, safest decisions are made, and you'll play a leading role in the team. We actively foster an environment where everyone is listened to and supported - that's an ingrained part of our culture.

Being proactive about care

The holistic care our inderdisciplinary team can provide, coupled with the generous resources and time you'll have to dedicate to residents, means you'll be able to be proactive about the care our residents need. You'll consider all their health needs - both physical and mental, and have the time and resources to respond.

Generous, above NHS-equivalent rates of pay

Our team gives a lot, so we feel it's only right that we should reward them generously. Our Nurses are paid significantly more than NHS equivalents.

A unique opportunity to lead

You'll play a pivotal role in coordinating the care of our residents, including liaising directly with GPs and other providers.

A chance to make a bigger difference to people

Our high staff-to-resident ratio and the long-term nature of the care means you'll get to spend time building a relationship with the people you care for. You'll be able to take a more holistic approach to physical and mental health, ensuring better care and more satisfying, fulfilling work.

A chance to make a bigger difference to care

Our generous resources and culture of listening means that if you see a way to make care better, we can make it happen.

Excellent opportunities for learning and development

We have a unique culture for continuous learning. We support all training needs and will encourage you to develop in your role as a leader and mentor.